Liz Roberts' work has screened/exhibited at Ann Arbor Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, New York Expo of Short Film and Video, Microscope Gallery, Wexner Center for the Arts, Grand Rapids Art Museum, SPACES, the Filmmakers' Co-op, EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and elsewhere. Roberts has a BA in film production and an MFA in visual art. Academic positions  have included visiting assistant professor, Department of Cinema, Denison University and visiting full time faculty, Film & Video, Columbus College of Art & Design. She is involved in a long running femme collaboration with Elena Harvey Collins, and is an active member of MINT Collective. Under the umbrella ideas of destruction and survival: transportation spectacles, rogue landscaping, shadow feminism, survivalist and self-help manuals, practical applications for theory, classical film noir, and regional midwestern mythology are matters of interest.